Welcome To The Oaks Project

Our Philosophy;

‘The journey to empowerment and achievement via the creative process is one that anyone

can successfully take with appropriate support and guidance’.


The Oaks Project is a fully resourced community based design studio, housed within the Cradley Enterprise Centre, which is available for small groups of adults with a Learning Disability who produce exciting multi-media artworks.

The project offers empathetic opportunity for all individuals to fully engage in The Creative Process at their own pace which subsequently unlocks their own creative potential whilst they learn about themselves, and the world around them.

The Project is managed and run by Christopher Self who has over thirty years of experience as both a professional carer and artist.

The Oaks Project regularly employs the services of co-opted subject specific local Artists and Student Designers from local Colleges and Universities who work alongside the groups and teach them new skills relating to their own specific disciplines.